Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

better like this, or better like that?

I added some 'candy' shapes to my larvae-eater. Which is better? I can't decide. I need to decide soon though, since I'm going to postcard this one- one version of it, anyhow...

Monday, May 18, 2009

LARVA BOY! New promotional piece!

...I had started this one before leaving for St. Catharines, but finished it there. I'm pretty happy with it! I still may add something though. I'm on the hunt for candy wrappers, red preferably, or some other kind of red-patterny element that I can add. Hmmm. I'll know it when I see it! And I still need to colour in the spoon, I see.... This one I'll definitely do as a postcard and/or copy. Too bad I had not done this when I sent out images to Boys' Life! Well, can send them one of the postcards as part of my pestering- oh, I mean promotional- campaign.

I've been neglecting Illustration Friday for a few weeks now; I have been relatively busy (although still, as always, berating myself for not working at every! available! moment! on something) but also not inspired by any of the one-word topics. This coming week, though- I forget the exact word- contagious? pestilence? plague? something like 'spread of disease'- seems right up my alley. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, something quick, if inspiration strikes.

why? I don't know why...

Just something quick & pointless drawn in St. Catharine's, where the squirrels have grown to gigantic proportions!

botanical drawing-asian lily

Something else drawn in St. Catharine's- an asian lily from Red's beautiful garden. Not terrible, but should be 'lighter'- more watercolour and less coloured pencil. Still, not bad... I plan to do some drawing at the Botanical Garden soon.

What have I been doing all this time?

Long time no write! Ah, I think I've realized why the red (here, in 'create post' it appears as underlining)- it's because I'm writing ABOVE an image, and this must therefore be a title! right! Well, I finished that piece for Crow Toes... It turned out fairly well, I thought. It will appear in the next number- I will surely mention it's impending release! Next, I (finally! arrggh!) sent out another several packages to magazines/publishers. Must keep on that. Wasn't my goal ten per WEEK? I try, I try...

Soon afterwards, I left for St. Catharine's to visit my boyfriend's family. I did SOME work... see the above...