Saturday, March 7, 2009

possible candidates for contest entry...

The first one is the second of two drawings that I did for an imaginary book review for a dark Japanese novel of murder, dismemberment and fatalistic hopelessness (quite a good book, actually...). I quite like it, but solicited opinions are split on this one... apparently it LOOKS a little too bloody and depressing. The second is one of the three that appeared in Crow Toes Quarterly (see earlier post); this one was included in their 'art interludes' section. I think that it's pretty but perhaps a bit 'fluffy'... The third and fourth also appeared in Crow Toes; these two were commissioned specifically for a story. I am really only considering submitting the one with the yellow grid background; I just wanted to include the companion piece because I had not yet posted it. I think that this one turned out quite well. I don't know which to choose! I will only enter one (costs money to enter, or I'd enter more). There will also be the one I've not yet finished but I will hopefully finish this weekend and scan... If anyone has any opinions, please let me know. There appears not to be a category for 'children's' illustration specifically- the contest seems to be divided according to industry sectors (i.e. advertising, book, poster, etc...) Hmm.


  1. Go with your original gut and the hell with what people say. The first one is fine. What do you mean too dark and depressing? She's smiling and seems satisfied--isn't that what is important in life? Maybe she just likes finger-painting and is washing paint from her hands. Otherwise maybe you could tell us a bit more on contest criterions. The bottom one, though somewhat cool-looking does not make much sense. But you're the artist.

  2. Okay wait, I clicked and got a better look. She's not smiling...still there's a smugness there...I think. See, it's fine--I am reading all kinds of things into it. Good art does that.

  3. Fascinating pictures. I like them a lot. Given the subject matter, I don't know how you could possibly avoid "dark." In fact, perhaps the most disturbing thing about them is that they're so light--the colors are not saturated, the tone is light, the style is more what you'd expect from some cute little story about bunnies, but no, there's something really gruesome going on.... I wouldn't worry about what folks think, either. Go where your pictures want to take you. Surprise yourself.