Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perruche perdu 'poster'; further doodling for yuks

Well, I've completed the second side of my new promotional piece:

However, I'm not completely satisfied with my handpainted contact information...it's a little irregular...Luckily, I scanned this before painting in the contact information, and added in the same information using photoshop- I'll use that for my cards.  (Here, once again, is the other side:)

I'm somewhat annoyed with myself, though, for not having checked the 'oversized' postcard template (vistaprint) before- it's a little more vertical than the standard, alas.  I'm unwilling to crop either image, but I'm not sure that the standard side will show the contact information sufficiently (it can't be too small; we don't ALL have eyes like microscopes!).  I'll have to do a test; if it's not clear enough, I'll consider either a) adding the contact information to the 'girl' side (just superimposing on the image) or b) painstaking photoshop additions.  This will not be easy on the 'girl' side (for this side, a 'frame' of another colour might make more sense), but fairly easy on the 'poster' side.  We shall see.  (And that'll learn me to check sizing details ahead of time!)

Finally, some more doodling.  Argumentative rival teas! Once again with the floating heads! Accusatory coffee!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doodling for yuks and another attempt at 'perruche perdu'

As I promised myself that I would, I've been taking it easy and drawing more for FUN and with less self-imposed pressure- it's been good.  I can feel my mental muscles loosening... Here are a couple of the....um, things... that I drew over the last several days:

the above faces the next:

(curse this non-spiral sketchbook, though!)

I did also finish another drawing that is a possible 'front' for the 'perruche perdu' card- I've painted a tiny version of the poster here; I plan to do the full-size version of the poster itself next.  I used the same background pattern here as I used in the piece with the two women...I may incorporate the pattern into the poster somehow, too- perhaps something similar to what I did here- just a simple black outline.  I'm working on NOT overindulging in detail overkill...

(hmmm...perhaps the pattern could stand to be a bit darker? )

As part of my recent campaign to relax and enjoy what I'm doing more, I indulged myself in a leisurely visit to the Grande Bibliothèque, where I found a beautiful and inspiring collection of the work of the early 20th century French collective,  'Le Pou qui Grimpe'(link en français only-sorry, didn't find such a thing in English)...here are a few pages:

More to come...