Sunday, June 20, 2010

new blog, new site, new projects! More to come....

Hi everyone!

So sorry about my rather protracted absence.  First, a little news...My new site is now up and running, and I have a new blog there.  I've transferred all of my extant posts from this blog to the new blog's archives.  As I have some followers here who may not immediately be aware of the switch (and also because it will take me a while to change over my 'networked blogs' etc., I'm going to simultaneously post on both blogs for a little while....To all of my lovely followers!  Please come and look at the new site.  (I would invite you to subscribe to my rss feed on my new blog, but I've not yet succeeded in placing the 'feed' button satisfactorally. ) (arrrrgggh!) (It is registered on feedburner, though, as AmandaCrawfordIllustration!)  The new blog is here!

  So-this post is the essentially the same post as the first post to appear on my brand-new blog which is now part of my website, which I won’t say is finished yet…but all of the general components are there.  Oh, it has been quite a new experience, to say the least.  I’m getting tired of fussing with it, but the closer I get to ‘completing’ it, the more things I find I would like to change just a bit…if only these little things were as easily done as said!  Maybe for some, but not for me- not yet, anyway.  It’s quite like working on a drawing or painting- the last 20% is really 80%, if that makes any sense.  I have yet to add analytics codes to all of my pages, add (in a way that seems pleasing and harmonious, no white boxes please!!!!!argggghh) social media icons and an rss feed icon to my sidebars, move my tagline over just a little bit (the urgency of this diminishes by the minute, though!), adjust my gallery of thumbnails so that I can add individual url links to each image (this may necessitate re-doing the gallery AGAIN!, so I’m making it a low priority!)…oh, there’s more.  I just can’t think of the rest right now.  Add to that list the task of looking up how to do all of those individual things….computer programming genius, I am not that.  I’m pretty pleased with the site, though- I have ‘contact me’ forms now, the lack of which is what started me thinking that a more customizable site might be necessary, and the design is nice and simple and clean.  I’ll continue to play with it but for now I’ve had just about enough…

I’m finally starting work on a project that I’ve wanted to begin for quite some time now- my ‘Montréal cards’ project.  In fact, in the plan that I wrote for an earlier week of the 12-week challenge, I’d planned to have it done by now.  (Unfortunately, I did not factor into my plans completing the various tasks of the 12-week challenge!)  So, I’ve taken some photos, and I’m starting drawing this very evening.  I’m quite excited about this project, and have come up with some other, similar ideas that I’d like to do…please let me know what you think of these ideas! The first is a series of prints/cards depicting my favourite overpasses of the 401.  The other is a series depicting Windsor scenes.  Like the Montréal series, these have a fairly ‘local’ appeal…but more so, I think… Anyhow.  I will post sketches of the Montréal series very soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Website overhaul in progress! 12WC weeks 7 & 8...

...and oh, such a taxing of my brain!  I'm beginning to 'get it'...I think.  CSS code is even starting to make some kind of sense... not that I can make it do what I want most of the time, but....even so.  Still, progress has been made:  Here is a new logo that I made for my new site (I'm thinking that it will work well too on the reverse side of my new business cards!):

I've put it on my new site, which you can see here.

It's far from being finished, but I've made great progress over the last couple of days.  I won't bore you with the details of my agonizing struggles, but I've found that what I would have assumed to be the simplest things to do are actually quite complicated to make happen.  For example, I've spent a LOT of time trying to centre my image gallery on the home page.  I've followed several pieces of coding advice to the letter, only to wind up with a left-justified column of thumbnails.  I've put them back in a table, but I'll keep working on finding the solution.  At least the column is gone!  (I was somewhat relieved to see that many people in the Headway forum had the same problems!)  Arrrgh.... enough with slaving over a hot computer, already.  Back with more progress soon!