Monday, May 18, 2009

LARVA BOY! New promotional piece!

...I had started this one before leaving for St. Catharines, but finished it there. I'm pretty happy with it! I still may add something though. I'm on the hunt for candy wrappers, red preferably, or some other kind of red-patterny element that I can add. Hmmm. I'll know it when I see it! And I still need to colour in the spoon, I see.... This one I'll definitely do as a postcard and/or copy. Too bad I had not done this when I sent out images to Boys' Life! Well, can send them one of the postcards as part of my pestering- oh, I mean promotional- campaign.

I've been neglecting Illustration Friday for a few weeks now; I have been relatively busy (although still, as always, berating myself for not working at every! available! moment! on something) but also not inspired by any of the one-word topics. This coming week, though- I forget the exact word- contagious? pestilence? plague? something like 'spread of disease'- seems right up my alley. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, something quick, if inspiration strikes.

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