Saturday, August 8, 2009

holy blog neglect...

...but I've been working, really I have... I recently completed (quickly quickly!) the above three images for a magazine recently- the second was not to their liking, so I did the third which was more to their liking. I've been working (oh so slowly but still) on my book... I've also started making character sketches for the book for the little kiddies that I'm working on w/my friend BM (she's the writer), and I am at long last finishing that 'Greek meatball' drawing (sketches posted some time ago)... Now, too, I'm working on a piece that I am hoping will turn out well enough to be my next promotional piece/postcard (though I'm thinking that perhaps the 'meatball' may turn out to be a good choice too)... Anyhow. Will post more soon!

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