Friday, April 24, 2009

..I try not to be too disappointed... I (finally!) actually finished a page for my picture book. (I don't know that I've actually mentioned here that I am working on a book. Well, what do you know...?) And I am not happy with it, to be honest. I fussed and fussed, and I find it to be sort of too much of a muchness..... I should have left out the near-allover leaf cover, and I overworked the birds (mostly the top one), and don't know why I didn't just have her standing on the ground instead of in a sandbox, which turned out to be a pain in the ass anyhow and... just another additional element too many. On the upside, I am very happy with my depiction of the girl- her expression is exactly what I wanted. So. So... I am going to do it again. As a matter of fact, I think that I'll do two more versions of it- that is, I'll pencil out two versions and complete them as I like, incorporating the changes I've considered. Good colour combination overall but must simplify. I AM disappointed- I wanted to get this one done in time to send it out with the next bunch of publisher/mag mailings- but now I'm not sufficiently pleased with it to do so. Oh well... next time. Speaking of the book, I am determined to get back to work on it in a real way- that is, in such a fashion that I will actually complete it within something like a time frame. My determination has been renewed! No IF this week. I doubt that I'll do it for next week either- I have to finish another piece/pieces for Crow Toes Quarterly (woohoo!). Their assignments are always fun. Ugh. I'm a little overly disappointed with myself vis a vis this piece though, as I always am when I have spent time doing something for which I had high hopes and it did not turn out as well as hoped for...must not lament so....ok that's enough moaning for the moment, yes?

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