Monday, April 6, 2009

a tale of greek meatballs

I am away this week but still at work... so here, as mentioned previously and semi-promised, are the sketches for the commissioned piece that I am currrently working on. It is based on a true story about a young man making meatballs in his mother's kitchen in Greece, hoping then to transport them on a flight home to Toronto for a party. I am executing it using the 'meatball recipe' sketch for the left-hand side of the drawing; the right-hand side will be the second sketch (in which it is clear that he is LEAVING the meatball-making kitchen). So far so good. Hopefully I will have time to take it to be scanned before it is delivered! (It is too large for my scanner at home.)

I met with a new friend (BM) before I left to discuss a children's book(s) collaboration! This could be exciting. She is interested in a style rather unlike what I typically do- this will be good for me, though- it would be good to develop another style. Will report as things develop!

What else? Well, I think that I will do IF this week- 3-hour restriction will apply. Will post, certainly. I sent off a few more packages to publishers today. I'm doing well! Must keep on keeping on etc. Ok, that will be all for now. Will return within a couple of days with Illustration Friday post.

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