Thursday, January 7, 2010

2 pages of my book pre-final assembly

The two top (red) images are the pages themselves- they are to be facing pages. The red pattern is hand-drawn and painted in gouache on rice paper. The following several bird images I drew separately and painted in gouache; they will be cut out and pasted onto the two pages in something like a composition. Almost finished with these, finally, hurrrrah! This page (pages) has been particularly painstaking. I redrew the girl and her grandfather twice (the first time I was dissatisfied with the colours I chose for the clothing- made background pattern colour choice difficile); also I drew and painted- I just looked at this- four different background patterns before deciding on this one. I am quite pleased with the result though..... I will be sure to post the pages once I place the birds.

The past month has been busy with the usual holiday-type busy-ness. Back to work, goddammit! I am planning to enter two illustration contests towards the end of this month ( I want to enter several pages of my book) and want to complete another page to enter as part of the series (I will also post this one in progress!). I also want to write a review of Holly DeWolf's book (which I received a few weeks ago) and I have to continue with research, research, researching possible clients. I also plan in the near future to utilize a print-on-demand site to make prints of my work available. Ok, that's all for now. More soon!

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  1. It's looking lovely! You've clearly mastered the art of putting images together which is still a mystery to me! Research takes so much time doesn't it? Good plan though, I must get going this year with mine too! :)