Saturday, January 30, 2010

'mail me art' entry

So, here is my entry for the 'mail me art' contest in the u.k. I'm reasonably pleased with it, although I had to put packing tape on the edges to hold it closed. I made my own envelope out of bristol (because I wanted to paint on it and wanted to be sure that it would hold up), and did all of the painting/pasting etc. BEFORE gluing the envelope closed. It wouldn't stay closed, due to the thickness, multiple layers of thick paper and slight warping (BECAUSE of painting)...alas. Next time I'll know better! It looked even better after the guy at the post office put the postage sticker on and postmarked it. Perhaps I'll get to see what it looks like after its travels?!?! I hope...!


  1. LOVE this! The empty and open bird cages are the perfect motif on an envelope and for mail art in general.

    The birds, the overall design/composition, the colours, the woman's patented Crawfordian expression, and her jewelry are all wonderful.

    (Jewelry's ornateness is an especially nice touch...and, as always, the background patterns are a delight to look at.)


  2. It looks great! I did one a couple of months ago and didn't hear back. Do they let us know it's arrived? They should be pleased with this one! :)

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