Tuesday, April 27, 2010

12-week challenge, week 3!

This past week, the challenge was twofold- first, to research and create a list of potential clients to whom you would send your work.  Second, to plan six new pieces to include in said mailing/enquiry.  This I have already done, to some degree- but new research is always good, and I am now focusing (at least for the purposes of this exercise, & for the time being) on the children's market.  I got a little overly wound up trying to find the absolutely ideal dream clients (I do have a couple of those!), but eventually relaxed.  I can add to and change the list as I go along.  The six new pieces I've only loosely planned.  I'll do two or three more pages of my book, and the other three or four will be images from some kind of classic fairy tale.  I had Andersen in mind- he's still a possibility, but he's so melancholy (don't get me wrong, I love his Tales, but some of the stories...it's no wonder that the adaptations for children have been so heavily modified!).  I personally would love to do his very dark "The Shadow", but... I have doubts as to its usefulness in showcasing my ability to draw 'children's' art.  Grimms', too is a possibility... I like several of these... but what's really whetting my interest is arabic fairy tales.  A little exotic, with great creatures- djinns and ghouls!  Also would provide a nice excuse for elaborate costumes and allover patterns (as though I need an excuse for those!)

I don't like to write a post without an image, so here is the first of my book pages that I will do for the challenge- that is to say, I am dissatisfied with this piece, and am going to re-do it as part of the challenge.  The girl is quite good, but the birds have to be better- also, I did them in coloured pencil, and I've since changed the rest of the book pages to gouache- a different look:

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  1. Hello Amanda, Gee you are good with birds. :) They have a special place on your blog I see. The birds in this piece are worked up beautifully'

    :) see you soon I hope