Sunday, April 18, 2010

further progress on that most recent page... you may recall, this was the page in pencil:

(I heightened the contrast when I scanned it; I DON'T actually draw in black pencil!)

Then, I painted it:

(from now on this is new- promise!)
Next I drew a background pattern:

(heightened contrast again, of course...)

I painted the pattern:

...and finally:

I'm still not finished with the 'crib'- it needs some shading, and I'm still not sure about the background.  I do like the combination of colours, I'm just not sure that they're in the right places.  My predilection for green makes me want to put the light green as the main background colour, but I'm also trying to include a variety of colours and not use the same colours too many times on too many pages... Still, might do the background again... We'll see.... Oh, and must add the strings to make sure that it's clear that this is a mobile...


  1. this is going to be wonderful! Love all the patterns on their own and put together- wow!

  2. Hello Amanda, thanks for showing us the work flow. Perhaps if you added a layer. made the parameter 'colour' then painted behind the birds splashes of complementary colours (complementary to the birds) then did a bit of gaussian blur you might get some colourful harmonies overlaid over the wall paper pattern? Just a suggestion.

    By the way, that's a great header and blog title