Sunday, January 2, 2011

'A Trailer Park X-mas' sketches

Hello all!  Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday.  This will be my first of two posts covering my art-related activities over the last couple of weeks.  First, Dr. Sketchy!  I had long been aware of the existence of a Dr. Sketchy's group en vigeur here in Montreal, but for one reason or another (that reason usually being work), I had never been able to attend.  (For those of you who have not heard of Dr. Sketchy, it is, in short, an essentially burlesque-themed drawing session held in numerous cities around the world.  For more information,  here is the main site. )

Finally, a couple of weeks ago,  I went to a Dr. Sketchy session for the first time (and this was my first life drawing class of any kind for many many years, too!).  The theme was 'A trailer park X-mas' and the model was costumed and adorned with much dollar-store and liquor-store paraphernalia, and surrounded by the likes of a tiny plastic x-mas tree festooned with crushed beer cans.  Campy psychobilly 'redneck-ized' versions of various Christmas songs were played throughout the session.  I enjoyed myself immensely.  I am definitely going to go to the next session next Saturday (January 8th).  I think that I need to buy some markers for quick colouring in these kinds of situations- paint not so convenient. 

Here are a few of my drawings:

Ok, that will be all for the moment.  I will be back with another post later today.  Stay tuned for exciting revelations concerning sketches for my next self-promotion endeavor!  Another SCBWI contest!  And my upcoming participation in a book dummy creation challenge!  More later today.

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