Thursday, January 27, 2011

Various various

I finished the 'perruche perdu' piece that I was working on...s'alright; I'm not thrilled but perhaps am just not receptive to a work-based thrill at the moment.  I plan to continue with my idea of a 'series' for the next promotion-  'pieces' rather than a single image- soon.

I've been particularly frustrated recently (as mentioned in the post previous to this one) with setbacks on the 'flying' book project, and decided to NOT continue working on it in that particular state.  Instead, I've been working on... whatever comes to mind, just for fun.  Here is one such thing:

What is it? What does it mean? What is it for?  I don't know...but it was enjoyable.

..Here is the 'perruche perdu' piece:

I'm planning to work next on the 'flying' pages that I've ALMOST completed, which will give me more to add to my online portfolio (one point on which I feel a nagging self-induced pressure/anxiety).  I'll also work on a purely pencil dummy- Diane Dawson Hearn suggested on the PBdummy chat that doing more than TWO finished pieces in a book dummy would give the editor(s) the impression that you would be resistant to change.  (Thanks Diane!  I wouldn't have thought of that myself!)

Ok...that 's all for the moment.  Back soon.

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