Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doodling for yuks and another attempt at 'perruche perdu'

As I promised myself that I would, I've been taking it easy and drawing more for FUN and with less self-imposed pressure- it's been good.  I can feel my mental muscles loosening... Here are a couple of, things... that I drew over the last several days:

the above faces the next:

(curse this non-spiral sketchbook, though!)

I did also finish another drawing that is a possible 'front' for the 'perruche perdu' card- I've painted a tiny version of the poster here; I plan to do the full-size version of the poster itself next.  I used the same background pattern here as I used in the piece with the two women...I may incorporate the pattern into the poster somehow, too- perhaps something similar to what I did here- just a simple black outline.  I'm working on NOT overindulging in detail overkill...

(hmmm...perhaps the pattern could stand to be a bit darker? )

As part of my recent campaign to relax and enjoy what I'm doing more, I indulged myself in a leisurely visit to the Grande Bibliothèque, where I found a beautiful and inspiring collection of the work of the early 20th century French collective,  'Le Pou qui Grimpe'(link en français only-sorry, didn't find such a thing in English) are a few pages:

More to come...

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